The run up to Christmas is stressful, there is no denying it.  Which is why I have decided to create this page as a quick guide to postal dates regarding Christmas delivery.  I'd love it if we could rely on Santa claus, but we can't and we instead have to rely on a variety of services (depending on where you are) which can sometimes be difficult to coordinate.

This brief guide is not a guarantee, more a guide and I'd recommend we give ourself a bit of space just incase.  If time is tight, then please contact me as your item will most likely be made to order and we would need to factor that time also.

Anyway, Here are Royal Mail's official dates... more details can be found here:


  • Australia - Thu 12th Dec
  • New Zealand - Thu 12th Dec
  • Sweden - Sat 14th Dec
  • USA - Sat 14th Dec
  • Germany - Mon 16th Dec
  • Norway - Mon 16th Dec
  • France - Wed 18th Dec
  • UK - Wed 18th Dec


There is a bigger list on the Royal Mail's website.  If you have any questions about dates and time frames, please contact me -
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