Sstutter is a nano-sized independent UK business. It’s a one-man show with Phil designing and creating everything. Like the many small businesses on the UK craft scene, Sstutter is an intimate experience. Phil will be the one answering your email, designing flyers, taking product shots, publishing on social media and (most importantly) making and posting your orders.

Calling the company Sstutter was an obvious choice.  Phil has a lifelong stammer and has completed speech therapy in order to help manage and accommodate his fluency challenges.  Sstutter is all about finding a voice and making statements - as well as having conversations.  If a picture speaks a thousand words, then a Sstutter statement necklace speaks one million, in every language.

Phil’s partner, Clair, is indispensable as she drives all the kit to the many shows around London. She is also the top sales person and the voice of reason when he has loony thoughts about pin badges (because other people are doing it).

This all started in Jan 2013 when Phil was making paper sculptures and designing lighting and furniture. Phil is a successful model maker and a friend suggested that he made Perspex jewellery - maximising on his experience with acrylic and engineering, it was the obvious medium for Phil’s creativity. Another key factor was that the designs could be more elaborate since the function would be almost entirely aesthetic. The jewellery would be 100% art.

It was then a long haul through procrastination and the coldest of feet until Sept 2014. Buzzfeed featured Sstutter in an article about indie brands and the first sale was made. Sstutter then took part in the first of many markets with Wasted Chic founder Alexandra Houston giving Phil his first major break. Sstutter went on to have a Saturday stall at Broadway Markets School Yard during the whole of 2015, which gave a great foundation and education in trading. Running a market also gave Phil the opportunity to meet customers and get crucial feedback on the designs. 2015 also saw Sstutter being stocked in world famous Patricia Field Store in NYC.

Sstutter continues to trade at some of the most amazing events - such as Hyper Japan, MCM Comic Con and London Film & Comic Con. You’ll also find Sstutter at some of the leading craft fairs having traded at Crafty Fox, BUST Craftactular and The London Artisan - to name a few. If you see Phil at his stall, please say hi.

2018 will bring some new collections and also new events up and down the country. It is now the time to capitalise on all the gains so far and take Sstutter to some brand new places. Hopefully, you can be a part of the journey as it is ultimately customers and friends who make Sstutter what is is.


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