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We all face struggles - it’s a huge part of life.  However, the global Coronavirus pandemic has turned worlds upside down and made for a difficult time.  We have all seen the burdens brought by Coronavirus as well as the everlasting news coverage.  It can feel overwhelming which is why I decided we needed reminding of this mantra - ‘I Believe In Me’.

Coronavirus has brought much unknown and we could be forgiven for speculation and spiralling thoughts.  It is a moment of change and I think it is even more important to examine our state of mind and the things we say to others and ourselves.  Are we encouraging each other to persist in the challenges?  Are we encouraging ourselves?  We are all united during this period of great change and we should remind others that we believe in them and their skills, their strength.  We should also remind ourselves - ‘I Believe In Me’.

I’m big into self belief, the power of determination and the power in everyone to achieve especially when it feels like you can’t.  Confidence and anxiety feel like two sides of the same coin, both based on a belief about how an action will unfold and how we see ourselves and our abilities.  Often, the biggest barrier to achieving can be self doubt and lingering voices.

I wanted to mark the challenges and to congratulate ourselves through the ups and downs especially through Coronavirus. ‘I Believe In Me’ is a special collection all about positivity, acceptance, resilience and shining through.  I have taken a few classic designs and I applied the colours of a rainbow - one of natures miracles.  The rainbow is where the sunshine and the rain meet and is a symbol of hope, inclusion and unity.

The rainbow is beauty emerging after a dark time and means hope is on the horizon.  A rainbow reminds us that given time pain will pass and that we will see better days.  ‘I Believe In Me’ represents the colours inside us all - all the different emotions and feelings.  It’s a reminder that there can be hope & fear, happiness & sadness, confidence & anxiety.  They sit side by side like the colours of the rainbow.

During a challenging time, it can be easy to lose sight of ourselves and to be doubtful.  We can question our abilities and forget about the good we have done and the times we have triumphed.  ‘I Believe In Me’ is a message to ourselves that we can be a beautiful mixture to emotions like colours of the rainbow.  No matter how dark the sky is right now, sunshine will always follow the rain.

Over the course of our lives we have moments of sunshine and rain so in a way we are all rainbows.  We achieve in good times and bad and its our attitude, actions and belief that matters most.  Rainbows remind us that despite hard times we can still make things happen.

If nothing else, ‘I Believe In me’ is an emblem of confidence.  What better way to tell you world you got this than to wear a beautiful Sstutter piece in all the colours of the rainbow.

**Please note items will ship from mid August 2020**

The tiger is one of the most detailed and densely intricate Sstutter pieces.  There are a total of 50 separate parts within the relatively small item.  This statement piece has a higher level of definition than other Sstutter designs, however it still has the symmetrical and three-dimensional, sculptural quality which has become a Sstutter trademark.

The Tiger head is approximately 2.75” (70mm) x 2.75" (70mm).

The necklace is mounted on a curb chain and is approximately 16" (400mm) in length. Included is a detachable extension of 6" (150mm) giving a further option for styling.

Made from laser cut acrylic with plated chain and findings (nickel compliant to British and European standards).

This product is carefully presented inside a Sstutter gift box which has a foam interior.

This is also available as a brooch, select which option in the drop down menu.

Please take a look at our care page for advice on protecting the piece.

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