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A Gift Card is the perfect way to buy a Sstutter product without the burden of making a choice.

Each gift card is custom created, physically made and posted for free.

Simply choose the card value using the drop down menu.  The card(s) will then be made and the discount code will be created.  This will then be sent to you in the post.

The code can be used online at the checkout or at any physical sales event (such as MCM Comic Con).

If you make a purchase using the card and any value remains, then a new card will be issued and sent along with your order.

The gift cards are laser cut and presented in a blank card so that a personal message can be written inside.  They are posted for free to the delivery address specified.  as well as the gift card having an envelope, they are posted in an additional 'non bend' envelope to ensure they arrive safely.

Please note that gift cards will not count towards the postage of an item and only one disount can be used at any time.  If you have any issue using a gift card, or if you wish to use a gift card in conjunction with an offer, then please email me at and I will be only to happy to help.

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