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The ocean’s master of disguise, the Octopus, represents adaptability and depth. Introducing a magnificent creation inspired by this wondrous marine creature.

Handcrafted in laser-cut acrylic, the Octopus statement necklace combines fine detail with bold design. Intricate etching and score work create an elaborate octagon pattern, adding texture and definition. A complex, articulated structure of linked segments allows for dynamic movement, mimicking the octopus's natural motion. This piece is designed to rest comfortably against the body, adapting to the wearer's movements and capturing the octopus's mesmerising fluidity and stealthy elegance.

Wrap yourself in this enigmatic symbol of intelligence and flexibility. The Octopus's captivating spirit of resilience and mystery reflects your own versatile nature. Embrace life's currents and navigate them with confidence and poise.

Playtime is a cheerful and nostalgic new colourway that takes you back to wonder-filled and carefree days. This vibrant, playful colourway evokes feelings of joy and a sense of adventure.

This fun combination uses colourful gloss acrylics, each hue bringing a sense of delight and imagination. The soft Peach is reminiscent of sunny afternoons, while the Mint Green breathes freshness. The Lemon Bonbon adds a zesty burst, and the Delphinium Blue adds a calming balance while maintaining the playful energy.

Wake up your inner child and explore your curious nature with this lively and exciting colourway. It's time to let everyone know you're ready to come out and play!

The Octopus is approximately 7” (175mm) x 7” (175mm). It is very big.

The necklace is mounted on a curb chain and is approximately 11" (280mm) in length. Included are two detachable extensions of 2" (50mm) & 4" (100mm) giving a further options for styling.

All products are made from laser cut acrylic with plated chain and findings (nickel compliant to British and European standards).

This product is carefully presented inside a Sstutter gift box.

Please take a look at our care page for advice on protecting the piece.

The Octopus is a part of the Mystiks collection.