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Cereals had a bad rep in the 80’s.  They were accused of directly targeting children with animated characters, colourful packaging, ’free toy’ bribes and by associating themselves with popular films of the day.  Kids would pester their parents into buying the cereals which were high in sugar and other nasties.  They were flashy, brash and what they lacked in nutrition they made up for in branding.

Independent brands Offend My Eyes and Sstutter have teamed up on this colourful breakfast collaboration.  We've subverted this family favourite and have given it the ‘Offend My Eyes' treatment… with added 'Sstutter' of course.

Introducing Sstutter's Offensive Eyeballs. Made with 100% real human eyes which are plucked fresh and packed with ocular nerves... Kids love ‘em’.  Each bowl is packed with sugar and all the other things you love but your parents hate - plus there’s a free toy in every box.  Start your day the offensive way with Sstutter’s Offensive Eyeballs.

Offend My Eyes are an independent colourful and inclusive brand thats proud to be different.  As a company run by people who identify as transgender, gay and lesbian, they believe it is important to embrace individuality and expressive creativity.

I teamed up with these guys to do something new.  We trade together at a lot of UK events and we imagined something both disgusting and ridiculous.  OME's Jack drew the design and turned our twisted thoughts into a reality.  I then took the graphics and turned them into complementary statement pieces.  We both hope you enjoy this special project.

The T-Shirts are available direct from Offend My Eyes and there is also a combo bundle available giving a 20% saving - the bundle is also available direct from Offend My Eyes.. link here.