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Making Statements - this best describes Sstutter.  You’re making statements each time you wear Sstutter and I’m making statements with each Sstutter design.  We’re both letting acrylic jewellery do the talking.

In a world of expanding people genres, it seems everyone has their category.  Even though we’re all judged on our style, some people just won’t be labelled.  There is no ‘one’ Sstutter type - just ‘one’ Sstutter confidence.  Sstutter is for true individuals who have a distinct style and an incredible story to tell. That person deserves beautifully made statement jewellery thats filled with an imagination which speaks their language.  Say something special with stunning designs that will silence stereotypes and leave people speechless.

I know all about speechless.  I have a stammer which made self expression difficult.  You don’t have to stammer to know my struggle.  For me, dialogue was frustrating and design became my voice.  Sstutter is about making statements, your own way, with fierce and flawless jewellery.  This is what self expression sounds like.  Cut through the noise and don’t waste anymore breath.

Sstutter is an independent brand bringing innovative and intense acrylic statement jewellery.  Laser cut and hand made in London - Sstutter has been making statements since 2013.  I’ve a passion for design which needed to be heard.  Sstutter became a chance to share my inspiration, vision and skill.  I decided to focus on layering laser cut acrylics in various colours and textures and to include intricate etching and inventive articulation.  I wanted to explore shape and put each design in a dynamic range of colourways to suit all our different voices, for the different moods, feelings and occasions we experience.

My name is Phil and I love designing plastic jewellery worth get excited about.  I love making every piece, each original, stunning and as individual as you.  I aim to create truly collectable and iconic art that you’ll want to wear again and again and in years to come.  I love seeing how you flaunt and style your new favourite jewellery.  I want you to feel special and confident.  Wear Sstutter, be heard and prepare for compliments.

Now it’s them making statements.

Sstutter - Making Statements

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