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I am often asked to repair Sstutter pieces, whether it's due to accidental drops on a night out or eager children enthusiastically wanting to touch. Each repair job is unique and specific to the item in question.

To streamline the process, I’ve introduced a Repair Credit system. Here’s how it works:

  1. Contact Me: Email me at info@sstutter.co.uk with pictures of the item needing repair.
  2. Get a Quote: I will provide a quote or an estimate if a closer look is needed.
  3. Purchase Repair Credit: Once you have a figure, purchase the credit amount here in denominations of £5, £10, or £20. You can also opt to replace the chain at the same time (different listing).
  4. Send Your Item: Ship the item to me for the repair to be completed.

Delivery will be charged during the transaction, covering the return postage fee.