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Gift Card

SKU: 118GC010
$12.93 USD
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A Gift Card is a perfect way to buy a Sstutter product without the burden of making a choice.

Simply choose the value using the drop down menu.  The code on the gift card can be used online at the Sstutter checkout or presented at any physical sales event I am selling at.  The value of the card can be split and the value is then saved for the next time you want to use it.  Any number of cards can be used at the same time and the code can also be used with a discount code.  The gift card also counts towards postage - it is just like an other pay option.

Gift cards are delivered by email (so please type your address VERY carefully), and can be printed if you wanted to present someone with it.  I won't have access to this code so I wont be able to print one for you. The card and email contains all instructions to redeem them at checkout. Sstutter gift cards have no additional processing fees.

I am not able to see the code on this giftcard, however I can cancel them.  So if this giftcard cose is lost and unused, please email me from the email address you purchased from - and give as much detail as you can -  and I will cancel the code and issue another.

One more thing to note is that when you order a gift card, I will have to activate it.  This means that if you order at a time when I am not around then it may take a couple hours for me to activate it.  Such a case may be if you are overseas and you order this when I am a sleep.

This newer type of gift card replaces the previous gift cards that were isued.  This version is much more versitile and like any typical gift card you may have used before from other stores.  The previous gift cards were simply codes that were custom created so had limitations on their usage - these newer ones dont have those limitations.  If you have any questions, please ask at info@sstutter.co.uk