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Here are some of the most frequently asked questions - and the answers:

Can i change the chain length or colour?

Yes sure, please write in the comments box and state the total length you would like or a change in colour.

I need my item quickly as its for an occasion - what can you do?

Before making your order, please contact me and I can tell you my schedule.  I am the only person making the jewellery.

Do you do bespoke designs or commissions?

I am often asked about custom design work, however I don’t typically take it on.

Ive seen something on instagram, but not on your website?

Often something gets to social media before it finds its way to the website.  If something has caught your eye, please email me with a screen grab to discuss.

Where will you be exhibiting next?

I have an events page which lists my upcoming events... However, during the CV pandemic, I havent been trading at events and this is still the case unfortunately.


If you have additional questions please contact me.