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As much as I wish things could last forever, chains can tarnish over time due to plating and exposure to weather, sweat, and perfumes. But don’t worry, replacing your chain is easy!

How it Works:

  1. Choose Your Chain: Select from two types of chains—Thick or Thin.
    • Thin chains: Used for smaller items like Fox Heads, Black Cat Heads, and pendants.
    • Thick chains: Used for statement pieces, typically combining thin, thick, and extension chains.
  2. Place Your Order: Purchase the replacement chain here. Be sure to specify the design and colour of the chain in the comments (e.g., Tiger Head Necklace with a Gold Chain).
  3. Provide Details: If you’re unsure about the chain type, email a clear picture of the item, and I’ll help identify it. If you know the chain you need, write it in the comments box during your order or email me the information afterwards.
  4. Custom Lengths: If you previously requested a custom chain length, please let me know.

Additional Information:

  • The plated chain and findings are nickel compliant to British and European standards.
  • This product includes a few jump rings and will be carefully packaged and sent to you.
  • If you prefer, I can fit the chain on your item. Email me to arrange sending your item to me.

Questions? Please Email me at info@sstutter.co.uk with as much information as possible.