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‘I Believe In Me' is back for 2021 & is a special colourway to celebrate all those daily achievements big or small. The message of the colourway is positivity, acceptance, resilience and shining through during difficult times. I took a few classic Sstutter designs and applied a rainbow to them as a symbol of hope. The variety of colours represent our emotions and feelings. It’s a reminder that there can be hope & fear, happiness & sadness, confidence & anxiety. They sit side by side like the many colours of the rainbow. Facing struggles is a huge part of life, however the global Coronavirus pandemic has turned worlds upside down. The burdens brought by Coronavirus as well as the tragic news coverage can feel overwhelming. That’s why I decided we needed to be reminded of this mantra - ‘I Believe In Me’.

Earlier today the pieces were revealed in a fantastic Facebook LIVE in the ClubSstutter group. You can watch back right here. Thank you for all those viewing and joining in with the comments, together we had a great time. Please join the group if you already have not, its a community group and is mostly Sstutter wearers posting their fabulous looks and chatting all things Sstutter.

This years ‘I Believe In Me’ pieces are now online and will be available until end of October 2021. The complete collection can be seen right here.

This year I’ve included the Tiger In Leaves, F14 fighter jet and have also brought back the Cheetah design from 2015. There are lots of other designs immortalised in the rainbow colourway - enjoy browsing.

I should mention that I am going away this weekend and into next week, so please expect any orders to be completed within 2 to 3 weeks. Its a short delay but it will be over before you know it.

If you haven't already, please create or complete your Sstutter profile in the store. When you log in and make an order, you earn Sstutter Stars and these can be redeemed as discounts against future orders. You might even have points already for joining this Sstutternews , following on Instagram, writing reviews. There are numerous ways to earn Stars and earn discounts on Sstutter items.

I’ve also had some ‘I Believe In Me’ cards printed up and will be including one in each order made from the collection. It will make for a fantastic keepsake.

I hope you all enjoy this years ‘I Believe In Me’. I enjoyed putting this colourway together and I hope you see something in the collection that truly speaks to you.