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In August 2020, I introduced a new colourway called 'I Believe In Me'. The message of the colourway was positivity, acceptance, resilience and shining through during difficult times. Facing struggles is a huge part of life, however the global Coronavirus pandemic has turned worlds upside down. The burdens brought by Coronavirus as well as the tragic news coverage can feel overwhelming. That’s why I decided we needed to be reminded of this mantra - ‘I Believe In Me’.

I’m big into self belief and the power of determination.  Also the power in everyone to achieve especially when it feels like you can’t. The biggest barrier to things can often be self doubt and lingering voices.  Confidence and anxiety feel like two sides of the same coin since both routed in a belief about how an action will unfold.  Both are about how we perceive ourselves and our abilities. During these times, I think it is important to examine our state of mind and the things we say to others and ourselves.  Are we encouraging each other to persist?  Are we encouraging ourselves?  We are all united during this period of great challenge and we should remind others that we believe in them.

‘I Believe In Me’ is a special colourway to celebrate all those daily achievements big or small. I took a few classic Sstutter designs and applied a rainbow to them. I chose a rainbow because it is seen by many as a symbol of hope. The rainbow is where the sunshine and the rain meet and shows us that, given time, pain will pass and that we will see better days. The variety of colours represent our emotions and feelings. It’s a reminder that there can be hope & fear, happiness & sadness, confidence & anxiety. They sit side by side like the many colours of the rainbow.

During a challenging time, it can be easy to lose sight of ourselves and to be doubtful. We can question our abilities and forget about the good we have done and the times we have triumphed. ‘I Believe In Me’ is a message to ourselves that we can be a beautiful mixture to emotions like colours of the rainbow. No matter how dark the sky is right now, sunshine will always follow the rain.

THE DETAILS - Please join me in the Club Sstutter Facebook group where I will be going live to introduce the styles selected for this years rainbow treatment. Tune in at 9am(BST) on Friday 30th of July to see the big reveal plus other surprise details. The classic styles chosen will be ones that haven’t used the colourway before. The pieces will then be available to purchase on the Sstutter website the same day. ‘I Believe In Me’ 2021 will be available for three months and will expire on Sunday 31st October. Pieces from ‘I Believe In Me’ 2020 are now in the archives so they wont be repeated this year.