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Phil LBB pic

Photo Credit: Taken by Zoetica Ebb taken at Le Boutique Bazaar


Hi, I’m Phil and I’m from Northampton in the UK.  I was born in 1979, so grew up in the 80s and 90s which as everyone knows was a monumental era for youth culture, movies, music and innovation.  Painting and drawing was how I spent my time along with video games, sci-fi, movie special effects, computer graphics, robots, fantasy, Japanese anime and animation - all of which were hugely influential to me.  I spent much of my time in my imagination, drawing my favourite characters or making scale model kits.  Painting, drawing and making was something I was really attracted too since creating and seeing my imagination manifest was such a thrill.

In 1998, I went to university in Kent and studied creative model making.  It surprised me that this was something I could study since it seemed too much fun.  After graduation with a BA(Hons), I then worked and lived in London.  I was employed by many big architecture firms and I made models of buildings where I learnt and expanded on my skills.  It was this time I started to use a laser cutter, use machinery and begin to get a real understanding of materials and processes.

2013 was a big year, I decided to start my own thing.  I had always been making my own things however It wasn't until someone said that I should be selling my art that the penny dropped.  Thats when I started Sstutter and I began to design laser cut acrylic jewellery and accessories.

There wasn’t a market or niche I was trying to fill, more that I wanted to see my imagination and designs out in the world and upon people.  I have an unusual view on things and I was sure there were people who would be really into what I had to offer.  I could create something they had never seen before.

I am now living in West London and work Sstutter full time.  It is such a privilege to be able to see the things I design and make being enjoyed by people all over the world.  Sstutter is a very small, independent UK business.  It’s a one man show with myself designing and creating all you see - Sstutter is an intimate experience.  I will be the one answering your email, designing flyers, taking product shots, posting on social media and (most importantly) making and posting your orders.

Meeting you all and seeing how you style the designs is a huge part of Sstutter.  Through Facebook groups, Instagram sharing and events, this is my opportunity to see what happens to the things I create.  When the items are in your hands and worn, it is then that they take on their own meaning as you style them and give them purpose.  Sstutter is something we can do together.

If you haven't already, please follow Sstutter on social media (links below) and there is also a dedicated Facebook group which is wholly community based and is a place where people can discuss all things Sstutter.