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Chain Replacement

As much as I would like things to last forever - they simply don't. The chain is one element which will unfortunately tarnish over time. This is because the chain is plated and not a solid material. The chain is also subject to the effects of the weather, sweat and perfumes. It's just one of those things unfortunately.

Good news is that the chain can be replaced very easily. You could either do it yourself with some pliers or I can do it for you if you send me the item.

This is a listing to purchase the replacement chain for one item. I will also include a few jump rings as well.

In an effort to make things simple, I have listed just two types of chain - Thick or Thin.

The Thin chains are used on the smaller items like the Fox Heads, the Black Cat Heads and also the pendants. The Thick chain is used on all of the statement jewellery pieces and is typically a combination of a thin chain, a thick chain & an extension.

When you make your order for the replacement chain, I will need to know what design is and the colour of the chain. For instance;

Tiger Head Necklace with a Gold Chain.

If you don't know what chain you need, then please email a clear picture of the item and I'll tell you what it is. If you do know what chain you need, then please write this in the comments box during your order or email me the information afterwards. I can imagine it can take some time to find out the chain. Perseverance is key - stick with it, send me an email and we'll solve it together.

Sometimes people have made requests for custom chain lengths. If you requested a chain length change to your item when you ordered it, then please let me know.

The plated chain and findings are nickel compliant to British and European standards.

This product will be carefully packaged and sent to you. I can also offer to fit the chain on your item. If you would like this option, please email me to organise your item being sent to me.


Repair Credit

I am often asked to repair Sstutter pieces. This can be for many reasons  from accidentally dropping on a night out to eager children enthusiastically wanting to touch. Each repair job is going to be different and specific to the item in question.

I have decided to use a Repair Credit system. If you want a repair, then please contact me - info@sstutter.co.uk and provide some pictures of the item in need of repair. I will then give a quote. I may offer an estimate if the job needs a closer look at determine the work needed.

Once you have a figure from me, you can then go ahead and buy the credit amount right here on this listing. The Repair Credit is in denominations of £5, £10 and £20. You may also opt for the chain to be replaced at the same time too.

You would then need to send the item to me so the repair can be completed.

My aim with this is to make it a simpler system for invoicing for repairs - let’s see how it goes.

With any of the options available here, if you have any questions about them, please get in touch via email - info@sstutter.co.uk and give as much info as you can.

Together, we'll get your Sstutter item looking fabulous in no time.