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By Philip Wykes  •   4 minute read


Welcome to #SSTUTTERNEWS - a blog giving you the latest SSTUTTER info.

I haven't written a blog for quite a while, however I hope this to be the first of many new posts. Currently I only share information on social media and not everybody uses that. It's also easy to miss posts so having a blog you can read at your leisure is great and means you won’t miss a thing. These letters will also be published as a newsletter sent direct to your inbox. You can find thesubscribe to SSTUTTERNEW email by joining the email list at the bottom of the home page



There has been some big changes at SSTUTTER HQ and I’d love to tell you all about these. There are quite a few so please sit tight while we get through them all.

Firstly, as you can see, there is a new look website with updated colours and a slight layout change. Please take a look and tell me what you think. There are also new notification emails as well that (should) match the website. The notification emails are sent to confirm orders, notify of shipping, etc. Please keep an eye out for those when the time comes.

Next up is the biggest change. I have added a series of new linked features. If you have an account on SSTUTTER, you can now create a WISHLIST and also earn REWARDS in the form of STARS.

The WISHLIST is a place where you can save all of your favourite SSTUTTER designs and share these with people on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and also via email. The WISHLIST is a perfect way to collect designs together, have them in a place you can easily find and also share them with friends. The WISHLIST is accessible on a side tab or by clicking MY WISHLIST at the bottom of the any page.

REWARDS is also a new feature on the SSTUTTER website. Put simply, enjoy discounts on purchases when you redeem STARS. You are rewarded STARS through a variety of actions like creating an account, following on Instagram and completing your profile. STARS are also given when placing an order. A list of available rewards can be seen in the REWARDS panel. You also get STARS for signing up to this newsletter meaning you already have already STARS. I will be retroactively awarding STARS for some past actions - so please don't feel like you have missed out. REWARDS are personalised and you can see your REWARDS balance by logging into your profile and clicking MY REWARDS at the bottom of the any page. You can also access REWARDS using the tab at the bottom of the screen. REWARDS is a new way for me to celebrate you - the fabulous customer.

Reviews have always been on SSTUTTER however they have now been massively improved. There’s a new REVIEWS feature which lists all the reviews SSTUTTER has gained from generous customers over the years. Reviews are displayed in the REVIEWS side bar, on the specific product page and also on a dedicated REVIEWS page which you can access at the bottom of the any page. When you log into your profile, you can add your own reviews on purchases if you haven't already. REVIEWS are a great way to learn more about products first hand by those who enjoy them and wear them in the wild.

Along with these new profile features is a profile viewing and editing area. This is where you can view, add information about yourself and also edit it. There is also a place to set notification emails. These menu items are at the bottom of the page.

The last major new feature is the SHOP INSTAGRAM addition. You can now view @sstutteruk Instagram on the SSTUTTER website - without being directed to Instagram. Designs that feature in posts have been linked making it easier to find them on the site. Instagram posts will also appear on relevant product pages giving an extra insight into designs and them being worn. The feed is at the bottom of the home page and is also viewable on a separate page accessable on the home page navigation bar.

I am so happy to be able to bring these changes to SSTUTTER and I hope it improves your experience. I hope it improves your experience of finding designs, sharing and enjoying them too.

Please take time to create an account and take advantage of all these new fantastic features and rewards. These additions have all been made to make using the SSTUTTER website super easy and enjoyable. If you have any questions after reading this, then please get in contact.

Thank you for reading.

Have a fabulous day!


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