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Electric Dreams is a collection which celebrates the imagery, colour and sounds of the 80's.  This collection looks at the 80s pop pallette, the lines, dynamics and contrast - a visual style popularised by early CAD and Patrick Nagel.  Hand in hand with the visual is the sound.  Synths and rock combine to give a sound which is modern.  It was the era of MTV, the music video.

Electric Dreams is the title piece and explores the iconic cassette tape.  Together with the personal stereo, it took the listener into their own personal world and helped sound track their life as they took their music where ever they went.  The headphones, personal cassette player and cassette have since become icons of the 80s as they represent the tech and trends of the era.

This is a very complicated and intricate piece which uses very small laser cut pieces to create this strong graphic.  A combination of acrylic and paint effects are used.  In addition the cable give a new energy and the separate pieces all add the the movement and illusion of music on the go.

Summer Crush is a bright pink, fruit berry smoothy of a colourway. Fresh, vibrant and fun. This one is for the pink fans. Summer Crush includes almost every shade of pink possible with the added sparkle of glitter acrylic. Summer Crush will scream your allegiance to pink and show the world your only true colour. Summer Crush is a fun colourway that is loud and proud - it speaks the truth! Life in plastic, it’s fantastic!

Electric Dreams is approximately 5.5” (140mm) in across.

The Chain is 14” (350mm) in length. There is an extension which gives further lengths of 16" (400mm), 18" (450mm) and 20" (500mm). Other lengths are available on request.

Made from laser cut acrylic with plated chain and findings (nickel compliant to British and European standards).

This product is carefully presented inside a Sstutter gift box which has a foam interior.

Please take a look at our care page for advice on protecting the piece.

Electric Dreams Statement is a part of the Electric Dreams collection.