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Step into the realm of legend with the Wolf: a symbol of wild beauty and powerful enchantment. This statement piece pays tribute to the timeless myths that surrounding the wolf. Handmade with laser-cut acrylic and intricately scored with fine detail, this is a statement piece that will have you howling with confidence and leading the pack. The Wolf is made for individuals, embodying the strength and resilience of those who bravely stalk their own path through life's rough terrain. Let the Wolf’s spirited presence guide you through the shadows, embracing the mysteries of the darkness. Stand behind this protector and let it lead your wild ways.

The Wolf Head is a lighter version of the fearless Wolf design. Equally enduring in its portrayal, it captures the spirit of the wolf in a more subtle form.

King Cobra is a striking and majestic new colourway for 2024, honouring the powerful presence of this royal reptile with a lustrous palette that commands attention.

These beautifully balanced acrylics merge a rich gold metallic with a deep violet gloss and an enchanting avocado gloss. The colourway is crowned by a luxurious, green-marbled Japanese acrylic, elevating this combination with its unique swirling depth.

Experience King Cobra's mystical and intoxicating charm - let its hypnotising allure captivate and mesmerise all in your presence.

The Wolf Head is approximately 2” (50mm) in length.

Made from laser cut acrylic with with a brooch pin attached to the back.

This is also available as a necklace in a separate listing.

This product is carefully presented inside a Sstutter gift box which has a foam interior. The package also includes a small suede pouch and a Sstutter care card.

Please take a look at our care page for advice on protecting the piece.

The Wolf Head Brooch is a part of the Supernaturals collection.